Kyo-Yuzen Shin-ichirou Minami

Welcome to the unique “Yuzen” workshop in the Japanese traditional town house which an active Kimono craftsman teaches in direct in Kyoto.

It is worth coming to get in touch with a Japanese kimono staining technique through a short time workshop from a real craftsman of "Kyo-Yuzen", handed down from the Edo-period, Shin-ichirou Minami in an atmosphere of Edo era one of the oldest Japanese traditional town houses in Kyoto engenders.

Lecturer,Craftsman of "Kyo-Yuzen"

Started the career as a Yuzen craftsman as a disciple of Shusui Tanaka.Won a lot of awards and appeared on TV programs.

Opened his gallery in Nishijin, Kyoto.
Held a solo exhibition in Paris, France.
Japan broadcasting corporation made a program on his gallery.
Held an exhibition in Shanghai, China, with a painter, the late Kokuta Suda

About the workshop

The workshop provides you a valuable 2 hours learning experience of making a traditional kimono dyeing technique which Mr. Minami has been learning over more than 40 years as a professional, sobering to enjoy “Kyo-machiya” atmosphere.
Because the product you make in the session has to be finished by Mr. Minami, it must be deposited to him. The finished work is sent to the address where you write to your courier slip. The postal cost is on your side.
The instructor is kind and easy to understand for beginners.
The guest can make the own product with the own color pattern, understand about the Japanese “Kyo-Yuzen” staining, and get the way to enjoy the Kimono pattern through the workshop.

*It is valuable to enjoy an atmosphere of Edo era one of the oldest Japanese traditional town houses in Kyoto engenders.

*Any advance preparation is not required. It is promised to experience a full-fledged Yuzen staining, the free color scheme available in lecturer support, within about two hours with empty-handed coming.

*It is expected to receive "Omotenashi",the Japanese style hospitality, from the friendly lord.

In addition, it is reputed fun to hear information only some people blessed with a variety of personal connections can know from the lord, such as about history or various sights in Kyoto, where the lord has lived more than 50 years in. It is easy to get there with a variety of transportation, such as subways, buses, or cars. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes. Various spots, such as Old imperial palace, Seimei shrine, the Reserves Culture Reserch Institute, or NIshijin Hall are within walking distance. One of the features of this workshop is the large number of repeaters since it is possible to make the different piece each time.

The making process

① In advance, the lecturer prepares some types of colors for guests.
② The guest starts the previous step, such as pasting a stick of bambloo on cloth of silk with the craftsman.
③ The guest is free about the color pattern. The instructor is always on your side and gives appropriate support including formulating colors for a student if necessary in addition to basic lecture before work.
④ The student promotes the coloring work and builds the three-dimensional pattern with a change in subtle color.

⑤ After the coloring, the student is required to fill in courier slip to receive the work because the teacher needs to finish the opus. It takes at least 20 days to delivery.

Examples of the student’s basic work

The student can try other type of design the craftsman devices for fun.

Variety of courses

Half a day
3hours, choice of morning or afternoon
All days
Short time
Regular course

※Tax not included


*It is possible to make the only work in the world because of free choice of color patterns and generous support of the lecturer. The guest’s name and sign and seal of the craftsman is marked on any work.Cloth : Silk

*The work is sent to the student after steaming, water washing, and steam stretching by the teacher. It takes at least 20 days to finish it. The work is sent by courier or postal service. The sending cost is on the guest.

*The picture the guest tries is the same as that the lord has coached to the designer of the representative French luxury brand.

*Payment : Cash only Not available on any card.Application Phone or Send the form on the site.

The craftsman sticks to custom with the traditional Kyoto-Yuzen hand drawing and staining technique handed down from Edo period. The reason why the craftsman focuses on custom is that he believes it is the only way for the perfection of the product by hearing and creating the designs and color patterns in front of his clients eyes.He also sticks to simplicity on his work and desires to custom the only Kimono in the world for his client.The theme of this year is Birth flower on dyed band and plain kimono.He formulates the basic color in front your eyes for his clients. The design for dyed band is the circle of the flower. One crest of floral is embroidered on kimono.It costs 190,000 JPN plus tax for a set of dyed band and kimono including finishing. The scarf with the original design of birth flower costs 80,000 JPN plus tax.

Examples of the original design of birth flower


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575,Kitano Omoncho,Motosenganji,Oomiya Dori,Kamigyo-ku,Kyoto City
Open 9:30~18:00 Closed Monday

Contact Google Maps 075-451-0325

By Walk 15min to West from imadegawa station

By Taxi 5min to West from imadegawa station.
20min to North from JR kyoto station.

By Bus 201 or 203 or 59 Route
5min to South from imadegawa Oomiya bus stop